Sheet, Bar & Dome Magnifiers

Sheet, Bar & Dome Magnifiers

Sheet Magnifiers enable users to magnify a full page of text (or images) at a time, eliminating the need to move the magnifier around the page as you read. 

Bar Magnifiers magnify text as you read. Some offer colored tracking lines to help the reader focus on the line they are currently reading. 

Dome Magnifiers gather all available room light and focus it on the item being magnified, for the best possible image quality.

Browse our products below to find which magnifier best suit your needs! or view our complete range of Magnifiers and Magnifying Lamps.

If you need any assistance with choosing a magnifier or have any questions please contact one of the friendly team at DLA.  1300 788 239

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Bar Magnifier, 160mm long, 2x magnification
Poor vision? This Bar Magnifier, 160mm long with 2x magnification will help with reading small te..
Ex Tax: $5.45
In Stock
Bar/ Ruler Magnifier, 310mm long, 2x magnification
This is an acrylic ruler with a magnifying section along the middle of the rule Scal..
Ex Tax: $11.82
In Stock
Business Card Magnifier, Credit Card size fresnel lens
This handy pocket magnifier is a small fresnel lens with 3x magnification 85 x 54mm size ..
Ex Tax: $3.64
In Stock
DLA Bookmark Magnifier with blue ribbon.
This Bookmark Magnifier does more than hold your spot, it enlarges the text for a more enjoyable ..
Ex Tax: $2.73
In Stock
Illuminated LED Bar Magnifier, 160mm long
Illuminated LED bar magnifier With this illuminated LED bar magnifier you are able to read wi..
Ex Tax: $23.64
In Stock
Sheet Magnifier, rigid,A4 size, 220 x 275mm, 2x magnification
This rigid sheet magnifier is perfect for reading large areas of small print such as maps and new..
Ex Tax: $19.00
Out Of Stock
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